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Need someone to remove your shorts? PR Electrics are your specialist North Vancouver electricians with the skills and experience to create solutions for all of your electrical needs.

Electrical problems can occur at any time of the day or night. At Pr Electrics we are 24-Hour Electrician North Vancouver to address and remedy electrical emergencies. But that’s just the start. When it comes to electrical installation and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. For indoor and outdoor lighting, connecting home theatre systems, installing and maintaining alarm systems, upgrading your major appliances, and keeping your business’s hardware systems functioning at capacity, PR Electrics is here to work for you.

PR Electrics services both the Lower Mainland and North Shore areas of Vancouver. We are a small, energetic and highly-adaptable company which means that we can be at your door rapidly to take care of all your electrical and appliance servicing needs. Our North Vancouver Electricians are fully trained and qualified in every facet of electrical work and we are happy to look at any job you have.

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At PR Electrics, we understand that your home or business is your pride and joy, so we aim to treat it as if it were our own. For the sake of safety, and to protect your precious assets, appliances and equipment from damage, we are able to provide a fast, reliable and extremely competent electrical servicing, repair and installation services.   

It is always reassuring to know that the electrical contractor that you’ve engaged to undertake your electrical work and at PR Electrics we are experts in our chosen field. We believe in providing excellent service when service is called for, so when you need a sparky on time and ready to get going on your electrical repairs or installations, you can rely on PR Electrics, a 24-Hour Electrician North Vancouver, to deliver.  

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Safety First: 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Assistance

Safety is paramount when it comes to electricity, so our highly-motivated, professional staff are always ready to assist you if there is an emergency situation involving the electricity supply to your home, office or business and to effect rapid, safe and long-lasting repairs to your electrical systems.

When you need the services of some skilled, highly-motivated, adaptable and reliable electricians in North Vancouver, who can be at your door rapidly and repair your shorts with a minimum of fuss, get in touch with PR Electrics. Transform your electrical problems into solutions with PR Electrics, your reliable and skilled electricians. Contact us today!

Our Offered Electrical Services

We offer electrical services for both residential and commercial locations in Vancouver, B.C, no matter if it’s big or small work!

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Our Area of Services

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We serve electrical services throughout the greater Vancouver but not limited to these locations:

What people are saying

I knew Paul from my locked-out time when I needed an emergency locksmith. I noticed he is certified and experienced electrician. So, I asked him to install our hot tub that I bought from Canadian Tire. He made a great job in short time. Expert and inexpensive electrician as well!



I bought a new LED light fixture from HomeDepot. Wires seemed confusing to me and I didn’t feel confident to replace it by myself. I already knew Paul as an certified electrician, I called him and asked a quote for replacing an old light bulb on ceiling with a brand new LED light fixture. He offered me a fair price and on the next day, the light was properly fixed. I never doubt to call him for electrician works!



My kitchen counter plugs power went off. I thought might be from breaker, is tripped; however when I checked out the power panel, it was on. I called PR Electric, after hours and they showed up in an hour. They were able to fix the power quickly and plugs came back to normal. I recommend them especially in cases of emergency power off that I personally have experienced it.



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My power circuit went off! What should I do?

If you feel like you are suddenly living in the dark ages, don’t panic. Take three deep breaths and then call us right away. If the power is on in the properties around you, it is most likely a circuit issue and is probably a quick fix for us. Unless the problem is very obvious, don’t try to fix it yourself. There is a risk that further damage can be done, which could be both costly and dangerous.

Do you install new fixtures?

We would be happy to install your new fixtures for you at very affordable rates. We understand how excited you are about that new appliance or light fixture and want to ensure that it is working in no time—safely and affordably. While we don’t do new construction, we are happy to work on any circuit or power issues that you may have. We are also expert troubleshooters. Call us if you would like to understand why a new fixture is not working as it should.

How can I get a quote?

Get in touch right now for a free no-obligation quote! If we are unable to assist you for whatever reason, we will ensure that we help you find the right person to get you out of your pickle.


Can I phone or email you right now?

Yes. You can do so by calling us at (604) 773-7375 or emailing us at info@prelectrics.com . Provided we have the capacity to assist you, we will be at your door in 30 minutes from the time you get in touch. (If it’s after hours, we’ll probably be there sooner.)

What is your return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with any of the work we have done for you, give us a call. Our goal is to leave smiles on the faces of all our customers, and will make every effort to ensure that we do so.